Under hospitality division with acquisition of PappaRoti, we entered into the food & Beverage business with Expansion plan all across Oman. Under hospitality division we tied up with two renowned hotel operator to operate wellness resort and branded service apartment In Salalah, which will embark the high contemporary standards of hospitality industry to Oman’s Market.

One of the leading purveyors of gourmet food experiences, Cafe Bateel is a celebration of culinary inspiration. With 26 locations, our cafes blend centuries-old Arabian hospitality with the elegance of modern European bistros to create a uniquely inviting setting.

Value Mart LLC (Al Tamman Holding Associate) is a franchise holder in Oman. The company currently operates 3 outlets at premium locations in Muscat and runs the only Bateel Cafe in Oman, at Muscat.

Finishing every meal, a cup of Bateel coffee is a ritual in excellence. Choose from 100% Arabica blends, served with a Rhutab date in an homage to Bedouin tradition. The date is served cold and melts in the mouth, perfectly complementing the heat of the coffee and elevating its intensity.

Interesting facts
  • Bateel dates are 100% organic
  • Bateel is credited with creating the world’s first date chocolate
  • Bateel is the largest producer of fine chocolates in the Middle East and retails only Fair Trade Certified varieties
  • Bateel is present in 10 countries with 32 boutiques and 26 cafes

In 2003, introduced the unique snack concept by PappaRoti for the first time in Malaysia. Specialize in a unique, coffee-coated butter-bun and serve a variety of beverage creations. The aroma, the taste and the freshness inspire our audience in more than 410 cafes all over the world. Jadawil Muscat LLC (Al Tamman Holding Subsidiary Company) is a franchise holder in Oman. The Company currently operates 7 outlets in Oman.

Patchi offers premium chocolates and the ultimate chocolate gifts. A realm where sumptuous variety and distinctive quality meet the art of living. Patchi’s signature creations are the refined of over 40 years of passion and savoir-faire.

Precious Establishment LLC (Al Tamman Holding Subsidiary Company) is a franchise holder in Oman. The Company currently operates 6 outlets in prime business locations in oman.

Embrace a culture and unique heritage of exceptional chocolate gifts that make life exquisite. Patchi chocolate, boxes and gift arrangements invite you to share sensational generosity while experiencing the irresistible, elegant and innovative. Patchi adds a touch of exclusivity to your seasonal and every day gifts and celebrations. Express yourself and cherish the moment with a name that redefines quality of life. Make every day special with Patchi.