Middle East’s first Holographic Gaming Arcade opens in Oman

MUSCAT: Al Tamman Group’s Grand Entertainment is delighted to announce that they have opened the region’s first Holographic Gaming Arcade – ‘Holoverse’, in partnership with Australia’s renowned immersive entertainment technology specialist, Euclideon Entertainment at the Oman Avenues Mall.

A first-of-its-kind gaming facility, Holoverse is located on the first floor of Oman Avenues Mall and has six gaming tables; where two players will be able to play per table at a time. Holoverse will be open throughout the week from 10 am to 10 pm.

A Senior Spokesperson from Al Tamman Group averred: “Hologram technology is closer to augmented reality and is a life-like 3D projection of an artificial environment, presented in the real world. Holoverse offers a new take on virtual reality entertainment through Euclideon’s Hologram Arcade Tables which are gaming tables, but with a twist; where two players can play simultaneously, leading to a significantly more social experience. Being the first of its kind in not just Oman, but the region, we are confident Holoverse will attract the young and old alike.”

“Players don’t have to use VR helmets at Holoverse; they wear 3D glasses,” said Euclideon Entertainment’s CEO Bruce Dell, speaking on the sidelines of the grand opening. “Holoverse uses a totally different type of hologram technology, where objects are projected to appear in the air.”

He elaborated: “VR helmets put bright screens over your eyes. VR helmets block you from seeing your own body. In a hologram room, you really are in a room with holograms all around you so if you reach out your hands to touch a ball, your hands go straight through it.”

The Euclideon Hologram Arcade Tables at Holoverse have numerous unique features which focus on creating a unique and engaging gameplay experience with an emphasis on replayability. The tables boast a great catalogue of locally developed, fun games which are sure to delight players and foster friendly competition. Players will be able to choose from different interactive games, with many more exciting options being made available at Holoverse over the coming months. That’s not all; Holoverse will also have a small Party Room to host Birthday parties for 12-18 people.

Adding an exciting dimension to Oman’s tourist and visitor experience, Holoverse, will boost the Sultanate’s retailtainment proposition, and bring what the public have only seen in science fiction films to life. Persons visiting the facility will be able to experience hologram technology for the very first time.